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A Little Bit of Background

Perth Camcorder Club was formed in 1990, evolving from the Perth Cine Club. In 2009 the name was changed again to Perth Film-Makers Club, which was considered to better reflect changes in culture and video making. The club is a meeting point for amateur film-makers, and people of Perthshire who are looking to improve their skills with video camera's. It also provides a ready audience for the members to show their own films to. The club members have worked together to produce films to enter in regional, national and international competitions. Some club members have also entered films on their own behalf in these competitions with some considerable degree of success. If you wish to become involved in those activities you will be very welcome but if you simply wish to improve your film-making skills of holidays and family events, then club members are always willing to share their knowledge and expertise with you. In addition, a wide range of guest speakers attend club evenings giving presentations and talks on a wide range of issues. Everything related to film-making is covered, for example, basic camera techniques, script writing, editing and background audio.





The club is very active in the community and has made films on such diverse subjects as children who care for parents with disabilities, to a video of Perth Magic Circle performing their magic for a DVD to commemorate the 50th anniversary of the their circle. 

The club also has a close working relationship with the Crieff Drama Group and regularly film their productions using multiple cameras. The Crieff Drama Group also provides actors for many of the clubs films.

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